Flipping the Ladder

Even if you’ve worked your way up the career ladder and enjoy what you do, you may still wonder what it would be like to embark on an entirely new adventure. What if the next step in your career isn’t up?

This question inspired our full-length documentary film “Flipping the Ladder”–an exploration of the traditional career ladder and what happens when you flip it –launched during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in May 2019.

After we launched the six-part interview series “Couple Thinkers”–featuring late night TV host Craig Ferguson and his wife Megan on a quest to find answers to some of today’s most important questions–we wanted to continue to inspire the world with our credo of Never Stop Learning. In this new feature-length documentary, we set out to explore the growing trend of career shifting.

The film follows three professionals who try out entirely new careers in order to find more meaning in their lives.

Three experts–neuroscientist Dr. Don Vaughn, Women’s March Alliance Founder & President Katherine Siemionko, and economics professor Nava Ashraf–follow the flippers’ journeys and explain the different phases of change– and how to overcome them.

Today, we spend the majority of our time at work, making it more important than ever to fill that time with deeper meaning. The world is changing at a rapid pace and success is no longer necessarily defined by traditional values such as money, status, or conformity. We value the ability to design our own lives, where work is meaningful, productive, and something more than a means to pay the rent.

To showcase our commitment to supporting these career flippers, we’ve launched a new internship–a flipternship–at GANT HQ. Unlike a traditional internship, our only requirement is that you have no previous experience in the field. Driven by our Never Stop Learning credo, we want to inspire others to try something completely new, to follow their curiosity, and to never stop learning.

Watch the film here.

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