Learning Through GANT Academy

At GANT we always work with our credo “Never Stop Learning” in mind and we aim towards being the most admired learning organization within our industry. Therefore, we launched our digital learning platform GANT Academy, especially made for our retail staff.

Maria Klingh, Global Retail Director: 

What was the reason GANT launched this initiative?

Launching GANT Academy has given us the opportunity to empower and develop our employees, as a part of their every day job.

With GANT Academy we can communicate with one voice to all of our colleagues working in the stores but also at the GANT offices around the world. With this tool we are able to offer the same training support globally.

Today we are more than 1500 employees and we have offices in 7 countries globally. Our retail organisation is spread over 60 countries with more than 700 stores. No matter where in the world our consumer visits us, we want them to have the same experience in each and every store.

GANT Academy offers short, bite-sized and engaging trainings. We want to inspire and motivate our teams to create an outstanding consumer experience built on great service and product expertise. We make sure that knowledge is spread to our entire retail network.

Morten Philipsen, Store Manager Denmark:

What is your experience of using GANT Academy from your perspective?

We love it in Denmark – In my opinion it has many of the tools you need to train you staff in the best possible way. I am also very fond of the many different ways you can train, either you read, watch a short movie or take a quiz etc. 

How has GANT Academy helped you and your team in your everyday work? 

Knowledge is crucial in providing the best service for our customers and that is what GANT Academy offers in a different and inspiring way for our staff. On a personal level it has made me even greater at my job because I always want to learn more and GANT Academy has helped me with that in a true 'Never Stop Learning' spirit. 

Felicia Byrge, Head of Retail Training: 

What has GANT Academy contributed with so far? 

GANT Academy is 100% digital and can be used from everywhere and allows us to follow up and analyze the usage of our trainings and learning initiatives.

We focus on retail training where the content specializes in Service, Product, Brand, Styling and Visual Merchandise. During the past year we have launched several global training initiatives. For example our very own GANT Sales and Service Program and Designer Talk where our designers present the new products for the season. 

We are able to train and develop our employees in something that will be beneficial both within their own careers and at the same time increase the service level and store experience for our GANT consumers.

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