A Never Stop Learning Approach to Sustainability

AT GANT we say that sustainability is complicated, but not impossible. We know there are no easy solutions to difficult problems but we are a company that has built our business around our Never Stop Learning motto and we have over 70 years of business experience to stand on. And this is what we will continue to do. We will Never Stop Learning how to make the world better and more sustainable than yesterday.

How do we become a more sustainable company?

A part of our heritage and the lifestyle that we believe in is to create new traditions by challenging norms. This is true also when it comes to sustainability. The Fashion-industry has much to work on to be more sustainable and this can only be done if we challenge our current ways of working. All employees have an important role in GANT:s sustainability journey, and people with extra passion for sustainability have formed a Sustainability Task Force that meets on a regular basis in order to Never Stop Learning and to integrate sustainability throughout the whole company. 

With our sustainability roadmap, The GANT Way, as a compass, we’re working hard to transform our business in order to reach some of our targets: 

  • by 2022, GANT will have 100 % sustainably sourced cotton
  • by 2025, GANT’s key material will be 100 % sustainably sourced
  • by 2025, GANT will reduce its water use in manufacturing by 50%
  • by 2030, GANT will reduce its climate footprint by 30 % throughout all operations

The full set of GANT sustainability strategies are available on the GANT websites.


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