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The GANT Leadership Team

The world is still far from equal. No country in the world can show gender equality neither socially, economically or politically. A recent study from the World Economic Forum claims that it will take more than 200 years before the global labor market is equal. Can we accept this?

The positive fact is that we see a slow, but positive, trend within this area. At GANT, we believe that each employer can make a difference. From mid-August, we have a Global Management Team that is gender-equal. Four women and four men. 

Our CEO, Brian Grevy, gives his view on this. 

“My priority is to work on creating a diverse Leadership team actively. I believe that when you bring a diverse group of people together who share a common set of values and understand that it is about the brand and us, that is when the magic happens. When I hire people to the leadership team, I look for the following; 1. Qualifications for the role 2. A personality that helps to strengthen the Leadership Team 3. A person who shows passion and compassion. I only see the benefits of having the right balance between genders. You get a variety of soft skills and leadership towards our organization, you get different opinions & solutions in how we approach opportunities and solve problems, in short, an equal gender mix gives better business results”.

So Brian, when do we see 100% gender-equal Leadership Teams? 

“It’s hard to predict on a global scale since the starting point varies from company to company, market to market, and the cultural differences that sit within them. However, I believe all company leaders actively should make conscious decisions around diversity, find the right gender mix balance when setting up their respective leadership teams, and not do it because you have to, but because it is the right thing to do and it is proven to benefit a company in all aspects.” 

Sophie, you just started as EVP Global Logistics at GANT and is now part of the Global Management Team. Was the gender equality of interest for you when you applied for the role?

“I agree with Brian. Since gender equality has a proven positive impact on the company’s results as well as culture, it was an important aspect when considering the role. I believe GANT has the right focus in this question, which is shown by the gender equality in the leadership team as well as in the culture and mindset.”

You have been working in IT & Logistics during the majority of your career. How do you look at the Gender balance within those functions in general?

“During my studies as well as in my previous career, there has often been more men than women, especially in leadership positions. As a woman in those situations and roles, I believe it’s important to use your voice and dare to stand up for who you are and what you believe in. It’s also important to learn from and support other women in similar positions.”

You just started in your new role, what expectations do you have on GANT as an employer and brand and what do you see that you will add from your background and personality?

“I strongly believe in the GANT mindset about Never Stop Learning and expect that to influence everything from culture, ways of working to exploring new business opportunities. This mindset is crucial to find and explore your way in the volatile and fast-changing market. I will bring my energy, curiosity, and experience from strategy and logistics, together with the expertise from the whole GANT Logistics team, to further support this mindset and create the future of GANT.”

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