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One of the most exciting parts of our Global HQ in Stockholm is the photo studio. It’s almost 150 square meters – and always filled with new GANT products.

The studio was built to give GANT more control, flexibility and speed when it comes to generating imagery. There’s a constant buzz of creativity. Anna and her team work at a fast pace, whether creating product images, taking flat shots or shooting models.

However, it is not all about shooting products for e-com. Having our own in-house studio also enables us to be spontaneous and adapt to changing situations. We are now able to support other areas of our brand and business in a much more efficient way. When a need pops up – maybe a new portrait of a spokesperson or a group-picture of our interns – Anna and her team are there to make it happen.

Anna Stoltz, Studio Manager 

What excites you about the photo studio? 

I’m thrilled to be a part of this from the very beginning, and to have helped create a new studio. I also enjoy working in-house and collaborating with so many different people, from designers to the IT department.

Linda Ekman, Stylist 

Can you describe a normal day?

That’s difficult! There are no normal days when working with photo production. A lot of effort goes into making the pieces look their best. It requires both skills at pinning up the piece as well as good teamwork between the stylist and the photographer. Of course, preparation is key – everything from ironing the piece to actually deciding how it should look and what we want to highlight.

Sandy Haggart, Photographer

What is the most fun/interesting project you’ve had so far? 

I really appreciate the variety. It’s fun to do different kinds of shoots for all the different teams in the house, everything from PR and CRM to portraits. Model shoots are always exciting since you never know what the day will be like.

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