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What is it really like to work at GANT and what recommendations does our Head of HR in the UK have if you want to apply for a job at GANT.

Jenna John, Head of HR in our London office, UK:

How would you describe GANT as an employer?

As an employer, GANT is a fantastic Company to work for!  We really value our people and what they have to say. Without their views and input, we wouldn’t be able to deliver beyond expectations in everything we do.

We have a strong emphasis on Never Stop Learning and really focus on this in whatever we do – whether it’s from listening to what employees say and learning from it as a Company, to offering employees plenty of opportunities to learn and develop themselves to be the best they can be.  We have a culture where learning is encouraged, through formal courses and online learning, or just reading books and encouraging conversations with each other.

Environment is also another key factor for GANT as an employer.  The physical working environment we provide for our employees at both HQ and stores is truly beautiful and inspirational but also, the wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance to us.  We provide tools to help employees with their own wellbeing from free access to online fitness videos to a dedicated wellbeing room in our London HQ where employees can go and focus on their wellbeing when needed.  A recent weekly yoga class has been a favourite!

What are the most important personal attributes to have when applying for a job at GANT?

I would say the most important attributes to have are passion and authenticity.  We look for people who are passionate in what they do and want to use their passion to not only develop themselves, but GANT as an organisation so that they are part of something amazing!  We want people to be passionate enough that they are curious and keen to learn but also able to share the knowledge they have too.

Authenticity is also important to us.  We want people to truly understand who they are and what is important to them in the here and now but also who they want to be and where they want to be in the future so they have the drive and determination to succeed.  We want people who aren’t afraid to ask questions and to challenge the status-quo and if you’re authentic and passionate, the way this is done can lead to something inspirational at any level.

In the UK, a great entry position is working in a store and learn retail. What kind of people are you looking for in your stores?

In stores our focus is the Customer experience.  If you are the type of person who can engage and understand our customers, then you already have something you can bring to GANT.  We can teach you the attributes and qualities or the features and benefits of our beautiful products, but having that understanding of how to interact and understand a customer is something unique, that sets us apart on the high street.  We look for people who our Customers want to go back and visit again because of how that person made them feel.

For how long have you worked for GANT and what motivates you in your work?

I have worked for GANT for 6 years this year now and it’s easy to say that time flies when you’re having fun!

The main thing that motivates me in my work really is the people, but in different ways.  The people I work with motivate me as they’re all very inspirational and I find myself learning so much from all of my colleagues no matter where they’re based (local or globally) or what role they’re doing.   We challenge each other to think outside the box and I find this is when the magic happens! 

The people also motivate me as it’s so rewarding to see people happy in what they do and succeeding both personally and professionally.  It really is a place where people enjoy coming to work and that is something that I feel strongly about maintaining here at GANT.     

In short, how many people are you in GANT UK and where is the office and the 5 biggest stores located?

In total we are 282 permanent employees in GANT UK.  The office is located in Chancery Lane, Central London and our 5 biggest stores are located in:

Regent Street, London

Bluewater Shopping Centre

St. Pancras International, London



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